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8th Anniversary Celebration of Creation Church Bangkok "Thank You for Your Love"
On 21 June 2017, Creation Church Bangkok held a celebration to mark the occasion of its 8th Anniversary. The theme was "Thank You for Your Love" to remind us about God's love, which should inspire us to love each other. The church was decorated with hundreds of pictures to show memorable events over the past 8 years. All attendees enjoyed the various activities, such as games and performances by each group of members (kids, students, working people and families).
Our church's core values are "Obey the Word of God, Imitate Jesus Christ, Edify the Body of Christ, and Serve with an Excellent Spirit." These values are planted in our members' hearts and will certainly grow every year.

Love on the Line
Creation Church Bangkok held a special Valentine's Day related program on February 12, 2017. "Love on the Line" was the theme of the activity, demonstrating the differences between human love and God's love. Human love is limited and sometimes it may change due to time or circumstances. But God's love never changes. It is a love that God has proven through His sacrifice, by being crucified on the Cross in order to save all those who will accept His sacrifice. A full range of activities, such as VDO Clips, games, magic performance, songs, and the sermon, brought joy and happiness to all attendees. The message preached highlighted that God's love is true, eternal, and trustworthy.

Peace on Earth
2016 Christmas Celebration "Peace on Earth" Christmas, a Season of Joy, is the time for celebrating and sharing the Good News of the birth of Jesus Christ. Creation Church Bangkok celebrated this Christmas by holding a special program with the theme "Peace on Earth" on 18 and 25 December 2016. Attendees enjoyed games, a C-Kids performance, Christmas songs, gifts, and delicious food. The Good News, that Jesus came to the World to save all mankind, blessed everyone's hearts with peace and joy. Christmas becomes meaningful when we open our hearts to receive Jesus as our God.
"Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests." (Luke 2:14)

Third Warmth of Love from Mom, Being Generous to the Youngsters, iFriend inviting friends to do good.
On Saturday 23 August 2014, Creation Church Bangkok and the Creation of Thai Life Foundation arranged an activity of iFriends inviting friends to do good: sharing love to the youngsters at the Nok Kamin Childrens Home.
Friends invited their friends to do good together, to share love, and to deliver clothing, dolls, consumable items, eatable items, and money for supporting the expenses of taking care of the children of the Nok Kamin Foundation Childrens Home. This was the third time for doing this activity, as one of the good activities in which we regularly joined together in direct mission support of value to the Nok Kamin Foundation and with many new friends who joined together in this activity for the first time, each one being favorably impressed and wanting to join in good activities like this again.

Aside from the brethren spending time creating good things together, sharing love with the young ones, doing supportive activities with the youngsters, there were also periods when the brethren received encouragement and impressed by the performances the children prepared to give to the brethren also, which had performance from the children of Baan Nok Kamin that broadcasted lyrics announcing trust in our history and impressions of the loving grace of God, which was received via the care of the Kru Ood and all the workers which care for the children, through love, giving happiness in like manner to a real family, and there was one final performance from the children in the neighboring nearby community who joined together in the activities of Baan Nok Kamin that the children had prepared by themselves.
Another thing we all were still to hear was the testimony and experiences in the life of Pastor Weerapong Wattanapancha from Nok Kamin Childrens Home, whose life God changed miraculously, maturing him in Jesus Christ, and completing studies in the Bible from BBS. Currently he is a pastor and works at the Nok Kamin Foundation also. When we help each other, not only will be helping the children only but helping build a more livable society also.
Do good, do what you can, do it together with friends. Those who missed the opportunity this time, but want to give general support to Baan Nok Kamin, can donate at any 7-Eleven at any hour of the day.
We give thanks to Kru Ood, Baan Nok Kamin, who gave us the opportunity to come together as one part of a blessing for the children. We still have good activities for friends to come together as one in the creation of blessings together so follow the news coming soon and come and do good things together.

We CONNECT Meet God Meet Brethren
Creation Church Bangkok, together with brethren from various churches, held a joint prayer and worship together on Friday 14 June 2013 for the opportunity to search out God together, and to celebrate the Noahs Ark Estate Building, under the name "WE CONNECT... Meet God Meet Brethren bringing together the power of prayer to bless Thailand and to serve in restoring love and encouragement, starting from the church and flowing into society."
There were brethren from various churches which came together on this occasion, for example, the Church of the Ark of the Covenant, Nexus Church, Creation Church Bangkok, the Power for Life Church , the Church of Peace, the Abiding Church, By Grace Church, the Mahachol Church, and many other churches.
The atmosphere was full of unity, joy, praising God to the uttermost, prayers for the church and for Thailand, which were a good sign of collaboration driven by following the Great Commission in order to bring blessing and revival into the church and to pass the blessing throughout Thailand.

5th Creation Revival Camp Blessing2All Everyone Receiving a Blessing
The Creation Church for Jesus Christ organization held the 5th Annual Creation Revival Camp on 4-6 May 2013 at the Maejo International Meeting Center with the theme Blessing2All - Everyone Receiving a Blessing which had brethren Creation Church families from various congregations joining together on this occasion.
The teaching was a blessing to the camp participants. It was challenging and gave encouragement to everyone, namely by blessed people who received a blessing from God in order to share this blessing with others. And aside from the teaching, which had already given a blessing, the camp participants joined together in many good activities, for example, activities with groups of similar people, nexus recreational activities , and coming together to celebrate four years of the Creation Church family, which during this occasion was honored by Pastor Yuttasak Sirikul, the chairman/president of the Thai Evangelistic Committee (TEC) coming to preach and utter a blessing to the brethren of the Creation family, and the camp participants appreciated the fun performances from brethren of various provinces, who prepared excellent performances and during this camp the various brethren brought things, utensils to share with each other in order to pass on a blessing to everyone in the final special activity Come share together.
We ask God to bless all of the brethren, to have a live full of blessing and a life that is a blessing to others.
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8th Anniversary Celebration of Creation Church Bangkok
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5th Creation Revival Camp Blessing2All Everyone Receiving a Blessing
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