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"The First ChristmasBeing Happy Creatively Begins on Christmas Day"
On Sunday, 20 December 2009, Creation Church Bangkok held a wonderful Christmas celebration called, The First ChristmasBeing Happy Creatively Begins on Christmas Day. Many people came to celebrate with us, and enjoyed playing games, gift drawings, and Christmas songs. Special thanks to Union Pan Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd., which provided many free gifts, worth several hundred thousand baht , and other businessmen in our church who sponsored many additional gifts. This helped everyone to learn that God is the prime example of giving freely to all who seek Him. Apart from being fun with the gifts and performances, many new comers decided to receive Christ as their Saviour. This Christmas brought us great rejoicing for new lives and their salvation.

A Free Concert "Christmas Come to the Light" at Ramkhamhaeng University
Staff from Creation Church Bangkok took part in the committees of RU Come to The Light, working in collaboration with the Christian Club of Ramkhamhaeng University (RU). The Free Christmas Concert was held on Tuesday, 15 December 2009, between 4-7 PM at the university. Ajarn Sommai Surachai, Deputy Rector for Student Affairs of Ramkhamhaeng University, was a guest of honor, who gave an opening speech. About 1,000 attendees, and more than 150 staff from over 10 different churches across Bangkok, joined this event. Many stage performances also occurred, namely, concerts, mime shows, comedy shows, and prize distributions, as well as recitations of the true meaning of Christmas. The atmosphere was filled with joy, and brought happiness and smiles to every participant.

Father of the land...Inspiration of All Thai People
On Sunday, 6 December 2009, in order to celebrate Father's Day, Creation Church Bangkok organized the event called "Father of the land...Inspiration for All Thai People." A charity project, namely "Give from the Heart to Protect the Hill Tribes on the Mountain Peaks from the Cold" was held on this occasion. Clothes and blankets were passed through representatives of some of the Hill Tribes people in Chiangmai. This project brought gladness to all of the participants as they had done good deed in honor of our King.

National Prayer Day 2009
Creation Church Bangkok joined "The National Prayer Day 2009" organized by the Bless Thailand Prayer Network on Sunday, 15 November 2009, at Central World. The venue was crowded with Christians from many churches assembling to pray for a great awakening in Thailand.
This event greatly reflected love and unity among local Christians. It was an impressive scene, bringing about great joy and delight for all attendees. The activities started with worship and horn blowing, followed by a prayer walk from the forecourt of Central World (opposite to Royal Thai Police ) - Pratunum - Petchburi Road - Siam Paragon, then back to Central World to worship God and pray for Thailand. There were also many representatives from other nations in Asia attending this special event and praying for our countrys awakening.
We believe that God will pour out His blessings over Thailand in each of seven areas: religion, family, art & entertainment, education, media, government, and business. These areas can be symbolized as seven mountains wherein it is prophesied that God would also establish His Kingdom in Thailand and give His great blessings to this nation.

The Bangkok Call
On Sunday, 1 November 2009 , Youth for the Nation held a concert-- The Bangkok Call-- at Huamark National Stadium. Many churches gathered for this event, including Creation Church Bangkok. The worship songs and the many performances refreshed all Christian souls. Some teenagers also converted to Christ at this event. We all thank God for unity among Christians in Bangkok and how this unity will surely bring blessings to Thailand.

Creation Church's Revival Camp #1 "A Great Commission Driven Church"

Light Up an Idea...for Young Businesspeople
On Sunday, 11 October 2009, Creation Church Bangkok held a seminar on the topic Light Up an Idea...for Young Businesspeople. Mr. Prasert Petchcheunsakul, a guest speaker and successful businessman, shared his testimony of Gods blessings, and emphasized the importance of applying biblical concepts to doing business. In both morning and afternoon sections, the audience had got many ideas and practical ways of starting a business. From this seminar, it was realized that the business man who aimed to glorify God and did business in a wisely and Godly way would be surely successful.

Bless Thailand Prayer Network, Chiangmai
On Friday, 2 October 2009, 12.00-3.00 pm., Bless Thailand Prayer Network in Chiangmai held a Pastors Fellowship meeting at Thai Lanna Church Chiangmai. Those pastors prayed together in one accord. Our Creation Churchs pastors: Ps.Dr. Rungsan Suganta, Ps.Pichet Pinta, Ps.Dr. Chukiet Chaiboonsri, and Mr. Santi Chanthong were warmly welcomed in this special event.

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The First Christmas Being Happy Creatively Begins on Christmas Day
A Free Concert "Christmas Come to the Light"
Father of the land... Inspiration of All Thai People
National Prayer Day 2009
The Bangkok Call
Creation Church's Revival Camp #1
Light Up an Idea...for Young Businesspeople
Bless Thailand Prayer Network, Chiangmai
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