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Event Mahachon - Stream of Blessing
Creation Church Bangkok, in collaboration with Mahachon Church, organized an event named Mahachon Stream of Blessing, on Sunday, 28 March 2010. A variety of medical activities of benefit to community, provided by physical therapists from Faculty of Physical Therapy Mahidol University, were available. These included, for instance, health examinations, treatment for chronic aches and pains and paralysis, and small child developmental evaluations. There were also free hair cuts and a Healthy Kids Contest.
All activities were received with great interest by the people of the community. They not only received the blessing of these worthwhile activities, but each person obtained additional blessing through worshiping God together and listening to sermons which were advantageous in guiding them towards living a life in accordance with Bible principles.
At this event, there were many visitors who opened their hearts and accepted Jesus Christ as their God.

Creation Church Bangkok and Mahachon Church congratulate this new family. The holy wedding ceremony between Ms. Rungrat Anothaipaiboon and Mr. Grienksak Guntata was held on Saturday, 28 March 2010, at the Grand Ballroom, Century Park Hotel. There were many relatives and friends of bride and groom, as well as brothers and sisters from the churches, attending the ceremony and offering congratulations to this new couple.

United Prayer & Invitation to join "Mahachon, Stream of Blessing Event"
On Sunday, 14 March 2010, at Mahachon Church, Soi Nawamin 24, all of us at Creation Church Bangkok, together with brothers and sisters from Mahachon Church, assembled to magnify God and unitedly prayed for a revival in Thailand, including in communities in Nawamin area.
We were delighted and felt the presence of God. All of us also were eager to bring blessing to the communities. Hence, we introduced Mahachon church to local people and invited them to join Mahachon, Stream of Blessing Event which would be held on Sunday, 28 March 2010, at Mahachon Church. There will be Medical Corner where physical therapists are from Faculty of Physical Therapy, Mahidol University. They offer service for those who have chronic pains and aches, paralysis, and those who require health examination and small children development evaluation. The activities also include Free Hair Cut and Healthy Kids Contest. This event will bring the blessing abundantly to the communities surrounded the church, we believe.

The 1st Next Step Camp
Creation Church Bangkok held the First Next Step Camp on Sunday, 28 February - Monday, 1 March 2010 at Jomtien Beach, Pattaya, Chonburi. The participants were rejoiceful and received mind revival. Furthermore, they relished a variety of activities which provided precise thought and viewpoint on living Christian life. Additionally, new believers were educated in a life of intimacy with God and pursuing God, brought victory. As for the church members, they presented their ideas to move on Church Ministries.
In this camp, everyone received physical, soul and spirit synergy. They also got to know, loved and committed themselves to one another more. Besides, the other impressive program, Water Baptism, was held for 11 new believers whom desired to follow Jesus Christ.

The Valentine Day, Love is all around.
On Sunday, 14 February 2010, all of us at Creation Church Bangkok rejoiced in love that encompassed us in the event The Valentine Day, Love is all around, held by our church. Many kinds of love songs were played to brightening up the event. We also enjoyed posting at big red-heart photo corner, and excitedly listening to result of vote for love thought. In addition, Pastor Dr. Rungson Sugunta shared different aspects of affection via sermon titled Love is all around. Both church members and visitors had the smiling faces throughout the event. The new comers also opened their hearts to God, who is the source of love.

"New Year New Life"
On Sunday, 10 January 2010 , Creation Church Bangkok held a special event --New Year, New Life-- to encourage our members and new comers to start their new year wisely by hearing two speakers. Dr.Kittiphun Khongsawatkiat, the Director of Rangsit Universitys Sathorn Thani Campus and also Cyber Business Director and MBA Program manager at Rangsit University, gave a talk on the topic, How to Manage Your Money Wisely. In addition, Pastor Dr.Rungson Sugunta preached from Ps 1:1-6 on the theme, Life of Happiness.
On the same day, the church also held a special program for our children, on the occasion of Thailands Childrens Day. Our kids gave performances on the stage, and enjoyed a drawing competition on the subject of My Dream Future. We also would like to thank Dr.Veraded Jitsakdanont, Managing Director, Union Pan Exhibitions Co., Ltd., who sponsored gifts, and Mr.Worachai Monthathipkul who provided ice cream and gifts for all of the children.
This was a good start for the new year, one that provided us with an opportunity to learn many tips on managing our money wisely and on living happily by walking with God.

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Event Mahachon - Stream of Blessing
United Prayer& Invitation to join Mahachon, Stream of Blessing Event
The 1st Next Step Camp
The Valentine Day, Love is all around.
"New Year New Life"
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