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Revival Prayers Stepping Towards Fruitfulness
Creation Church Bangkok, united as one, in humility, together in revival prayer power, on Sunday 27 March 2011, to seek the Lord, leaning on supernatural power, received a promising sign in fruitful service. Because we believe that there is fruitfulness in all measures of life, when we are close to God. That everyone united in prayer for each other and love, and praying for various works by faith, and preparing in power to achieve the goal. Also remaining entirely united together in prayer for those encountering peril in Japan and who have received the effects from the earthquake in various places also.

Joy Together with Prakanong Baptist Church
On Sunday 13 March 2011, Dr. Rungson Sugunta, represented the brethren of Creation Church Bangkok in congratulating the brethren of Prakanong Baptist Church in celebrating their 45th anniversary. There was a ceremony to bless the new building of Prakanong Baptist Church and an ordination ceremony for Pastor Worasit Sriyuttakrai as religious teacher. The atmosphere of the event was one of joyful admiration and thankfulness to God, and friendship in Jesus Christ.

On Friday, 16 February 2011, Creation Church Bangkok organized the training 30G Take Off for the increased development of knowledge and understanding of the potential of the membership, preparation to support the growth targets in the year 2011, the expansion of cell groups to 30 groups by the end of this year, in which all the various trainees are enthusiastic, exciting, unified in obedience, and respond to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ under the slogan of 30G Take Off, namely Love Proclaim Pray. That is, God loves us unconditionally and God taught us to love God with our whole mind, our whole heart, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. For this reason, this love then makes us go out to evangelize by faith, by dependence on the power of God and understanding in prayer and hope that many people will open their hearts, to believe, trust, receive the graceful love of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Apart from the trainees receiving increased spiritual life development and developing leadership power, everyone else received increased development in body and mind. Through delicious relationship activities and receiving encouragement from a Buddy, there were tightened relationships and increased bonding. Additionally all listened to beautiful fun music by youngsters of the institute group that came to share the fun and to also join in the service of giving.
Love is Giving
Creation Church Bangkok arranged an activity, Love is Giving related to Valentines Day on Sunday, 13 February 2011 conducting love from the members of Creation Church Bangkok, Rangsit University MBA students, and Sacred Heart Covent School students to the youngsters of the Home for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities. Dr. Prayat Punong-ong the founder of The Christian Foundation for the Blind in Thailand came to welcome the visitors. The activities brought smiles of happiness to the youngsters, together with everyone who came to see them. Aside from that, 32,598.50 baht was given, together with toys for the children and much necessary equipment. Creation Church Bangkok would like to thank everyone who took part in donating for this occasion.
Congratulations for the Tipvarakarnkoon Family
Creation Church Bangkok congratulates a new family. In a holy wedding ceremony between Atiraya Chansathira and Rittisak Tipvarakarnkoon that was held on Saturday, 29 January 2011 at the TOT Company Ltd. banquet hall. This celebration was honored by two artists of the Season Five Band, namely, Achararattanasopon (Pao) and Sirodom Lorgunpai (Jug) who are close friends of the bride and groom and came as best man and as master of ceremonies during the reception. There was color and fun, the sounds of laughter, warm and friendly smiles of family and friends, close friends and church brethren who came together to heartily congratulate the bride and groom.
Miraculous Life Celebration: Historic Time of 10,000 People Encountering a Better Life and Coming into a Miraculous Life
Creation Church Bangkok joined together in the event Miraculous Life arranged by Living Miracle Ministries between 21-23 January 2011 18:30-21:30 at the Sports Authority of Thailand Huamak Multipurpose Sports Field, by people joining together in a fun-filled event with performances of songs and melodious music, together with hearing about miraculous life experiences from Rev. Dr. Mathew Kuruvilla who led many people to changed lives to have victory over problems and failure and to conquer disease through the power of faith.
The atmosphere of the event was filled with faith, admiration, and goodwill as well. There were a thousand people who received miraculous healing from disease by the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There were sick people who were crippled/paralyzed who stood up and could walk immediately. A person deaf for more than 30 years was cured, a mute person was able to speak and so on. These eyewitnesses confirmed that the Lord Jesus Christ is the Living God. Throughout the three organized nights of the event, there were many people who opened their hearts to receive the gracious love of God and stepped into a new life which is a miraculous life.

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Congratulations for the Tipvarakarnkoon Family
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