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Friend's Day Party
Creation Church Bangkok held a celebration, Friends Day Party on Sunday 26 May 2011 from 17:00 to 19:00. It was an night of friendship and fun among friends. Not only old friends, but new friends, close friends, dear friends, neighbors, university friends, a circle of friends, 120 people joined together at Christian Home. There was a joyful atmosphere at the party, colorful and fun, boisterous in a friendly way. We arranged special activity corners for friends, for example, close friend corner, encouragement corner, sharing corner, and like-minded corner. Aside from this, there were other good activities to promote love, affection, good relationships between friends. There was not only singing or good talks about friends, there was also a menu of a variety of filling and tasty food for all and at this event there were many friends who opened their hearts and accepted Jesus as their true friend in their life. 
Reborn 2011 Tough Reforming Thoughts to Win-over Teens
On 2 to 4 June 2011, the work team of Creation Church Bangkok joined together in the seminar, Reborn 2011 Reforming Thoughts to Win-over Teens at Jaisamarn Church, Sukhuvit 6. At this event, there were many speakers who came together to share ideas and ways to serve fruitfully with groups of todays younger generation, such as Ben Prescott, pastor of the youth group of Planetshakers Church, Australia, John Paul Sprecher of the Young Lions Arise Ministry, Rev. Sanya Ladaphongphatana President of the Compassion Thailand Foundation, and Rev. Prayun Limahudaseni advisor to the Thailand Emerging Leadership Network which was beneficial towards developing the work of serving in youth groups in the future.
Isaiah 43:19 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, [and] rivers in the desert. 
2nd Anniversary Party: Love CCB This Year be a Couple
On Sunday 29 May 2011, Creation Church Bangkok held a second anniversary party, entitled Love CCB: This Year be a Couple at the Sophia Restaurant, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 5. All of us joined together to thank God and to count the many blessings which He graciously bestowed for two years full of excitement and joy. We saw the majesty of our marvelous God.
The atmosphere of the celebration was full of smiles of friendship and affection. Everyone was united in praising and thanking God, and there were many impressive activities at this affair, for example, pure spouses. CCB made decorations according to the Concept of couples, the cake candle blowing for blessings on the second anniversary of the church, and the collection of pictures of activities over the past two years.
We thank God for many new friends who opened their hearts to receive Jesus during this celebration and we believe that God will lead us in the next steps to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. With Him We Can.
Love Sonata Live in Bangkok
The Creation Church Bangkok team joined the celebration, Love Sonata Live in Bangkok, that was arranged by the Thailand Evangelism Commission and the Thailand Protestant Churches Coordinating Committee at Thammasat University Rangsit Center. There was a team from Korean of 200 people, including celebrities. Famous Korean artists organized the celebration and performance Love Sonata, the great love song of God. The celebration revived the proclamation of the sublime news, an exchange of culture and the powerful Word of God. It was a great blessing for Thailand. Many people opened themselves to receive the love of Jesus, also all Thai Christians received much encouragement from the example of dedication, sacrifice, and pleasure in Gods service of the Korean Christian brethren. This program was broadcast live by CGNTV by satellite to many countries around the world.
CONGRESS 7.5 With Him ... We Can
On 10-13 May 2011, the Creation Church Bangkok work team joined together in the Congress 7.5, which was arranged by the Thai Evangelism Commission and the Thailand Protestant Churches Coordinating Committee at Thammasat University Rangsit Center. There were various Christian leaders and organizations, more than 5,000 Christian brethren from all affiliations throughout the country, coming together, joining forces to achieve the vision of the year 2015.
During this meeting there were magnificent colored light and sound exhibitions. The meeting displayed publications issued by many Christian stores for the participants to peruse and purchase. There were also Christian brethren artists, stars, and national level singers, who came together to serve by delivering lyrics with a good meaning for the concert, for example, Pure KPN, Anchalee, Rose Sirintip, Bo Surat Navi, Jo Nuvo, Boyd Kosiyaphong, Boy Peacemaker, Tu Nantida, and strong teaching by Dr. Bill Hybels, a world renowned preacher.
This meeting greatly multiplied the Christian tactics and communications tools for dissemination, to help support the vision of the year 2015. Accomplishing we will join together as one person in one hundred thousand people to lead one million to receive Jesus in the year 2015.
A Cheerful Easter
Creation Church Bangkok arranged an Easter celebration to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday 24 April 2011, beginning the Easter morning with an Easter Sunrise Service at the Sports and Fitness Park. There was worship, prayers seeking and thanking God, and joy together with Christ, the recounting of the Easter story, fun through joyful Easter activities, and eating a delicious special breakfast meal, and everyone joyfully celebrated Easter with joy.
Good Friday Celebration
On Friday 22 April 2011, Creation Church Bangkok joined a Good Friday Celebration at Second Church, Church of Christ in Thailand, Sam Yan, to memorialize the suffering and death of Jesus. The activities at this celebration included the worship of God through the preaching of the Word by Rev. Dr. Surapon Phuprapan, entitled Following in the Footsteps of Jesus on the Via Dolorosa, to enable the understanding of the extreme suffering of Jesus Christ, who walked to the Cross, the period of time that Christendom joins together to remember the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who welcomed the punishment of all of our sins to enable us to lead a life of love, conscious of the great love and sacrifice of Jesus.
The Marriage Enrichment Seminar
On Thursday, 21 April 2011, the Creation Church Bangkok team joined The Marriage Enrichment Seminar at the New Vision Baptist Church, by the lecturers Rodney and Selma Wilson from the Life Point Church/LifeWay (USA). This seminar was very useful in building love and happiness in each family, through the topic of this seminar, to wit, how to choose a spouse, communication, anger management, ways to eliminate third parties, prevention of unfaithfulness and divorce, and cherishing love, increasing happiness and improving spouses and not only having value for spouses only, but had blessings for all single people who are members of families as well. The things that the lecturers taught were based upon Biblical fundamentals and life experiences, helped the attendees of the seminar learn about reinforcing love and happiness in families.
Seminar on Building Disciples by Dr. Billie Hanks, Jr.
On Wednesday, 20 April 2011, the Creation Church Bangkok team joined a seminar on building disciples at the Bangkok Liberty Church. This meeting was supported by the Thailand Evangelistic Committee (TEC) with world class speaker Dr. Billie Hanks, Jr., who is the president of International Evangelistic Association - Operation Multiplication, an organization for proclaiming and building disciplines at a world-wide level, showing the way to building disciples and telling about impressive experiences which were useful in bringing practical uses to the building of disciples of Jesus Christ for the preparation of the achievement of a time of great harvest in Thailand.
"Creation Family, Joyous Songkarn"
During the 2011 Songkran Festival period, Creation Church Bangkok arranged a "Creation Family, Joyous Songkarn" on Sunday 10 April 2011, 10 AM to 12 Noon, with a fresh, fun-filled atmosphere and high spirits. There were fun activities where all shared smiles and happiness, the sound of laughter, joining in good close relationships, and hearing good special teaching which gave things to think about for building happiness in every family. Together with Songkhran, all of the members also saw the value of the elderly and prayed together for blessings from God for each family.
Annual 2010 Thailand Bible Society Conference Meeting and Presentation of Thai Standard Bible
Creation Church Bangkok joined the annual 2010 Thailand Bible Society Conference Meeting and Presentation of the Thai Standard Bible 2011 on 2 April 2011, 9AM until 12 noon, at meeting room 1, 6th floor of Church of Christ in Thailand building. This celebration was honored by Rev.Thongchai Pradubchananurat, chairman of the Thailand Protestant Churches Coordination Committee as the preacher on the topic Fundamentals of the Word of God, that is, The Truth. For this meeting, the Thailand Bible Society arranged a report on the administration and financial status of the Society. Additionally, the meeting was united in making contributions for those affected by the tsunami in Japan and for the Society also.
Other activities during the celebration included the offering of special music by the musicians of the group Bangkok Milal Missionary Choir and Ekkapan Wannasut (Pure KPN) and also a video The Evolution of the Scriptures/Bible from the Past until the Present. Afterwards Christian representatives from four periods of the scriptures read sections of the scriptures from each period. The background of the Thai Standard Bible 2011 was told by Rev. Dr. Seree Lorgunpai. A certification ceremony and signing was held by representatives of the United Bible Societies and representatives of five Christian affiliated departments. They united in prayer handing over the Standard Edition Bible.
On this occasion, the Society released the Standard Edition Bible 2011 and arranged for a buffet for all those attending the meeting and in the vicinity of the front of the meeting room there were a number of specially priced merchandise.
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Friend's Day Party
Reborn 2011 Tough Reforming Thoughts to Win-over Teens
2nd Anniversary Party:
Love CCB This Year be a Couple
Love Sonata Live in Bangkok
With Him ... We Can
A Cheerful Easter
Good Friday Celebration
The Marriage Enrichment Seminar
Seminar on Building Disciples by Dr. Billie Hanks, Jr.
"Creation Family, Joyous Songkarn"
Presentation of Thai Standard Bible
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