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Strengthening the Forces of Religious Harmony
On Tuesday, 16 August 2011, the Creation Church Bangkok team joined a Celebration to Strengthen the Forces of Religious Harmony, in Honor of Her Majesty, Queen Sirikit which joined the forces of the religious adherents of five religions, namely, Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Brahma-Hindus, and Sikhs.
On this occasion, the Secretary-General of the Office of the National Culture Commission Somchai Seanglai was the leader of the ceremony and Director General of Religious Affairs Sod Daeng-iad reported on the basic activities of the event. There was a video extolling the King, entitled Shade of the Bodhi Tree, Shade of the Banyan Tree of the Thai People, singing of reconciliation towards peace by the youth of the five religions which were meeting together, songs to praise moral influence, songs to praise the monarchy, lectures on the power of religion to build harmony, and a colloquium among the religious representatives entitled the power of religion to build harmony within the dimensions of each religion. On this occasion, religious teacher Somkiat Wannasri was the representative for the Christians. In addition there were talks and performances by the youth who joined in youthful harmony.
I Want to Tell Mother, I Love you
On Sunday, 7 August 2011, Creation Church Bangkok organized an event honoring our mothers, entitled, I want to tell Mother, I love you. The activities during this event included prayers to God to please bestow blessings upon Queen Sirikit and to consciously promote the building of values in everyones children and values in displaying love towards our mothers both in word and deed. Aside from this, there were special poems to mothers, women especially good to children, and on this special occasion there were also mothers who opened their hearts to receive the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Water Baptism Ceremony
On 17 July 2011, Creation Church Bangkok held a water baptism ceremony. Three brethren received baptism. Everyone who received baptism gave a vow to God, the leadership, and the church brethren that they intended to conduct a new life in the way of Jesus Christ and to happily and obediently follow God and to behave according to teachings of the Bible.
Feed My Sheep - Happy, Caring, Protective Love
On 17 July 2011, Creation Church Bangkok held a celebration, Feed My Sheep - Happy, Caring, Protective Love to remind us of the love of Jesus Christ, of God who protects, and for encouragement to the members to have hearts that see the value of the caregivers and to have a hopeful heart in being good caregivers according to Jesus Christ, and in this work to have many new friends open their heart to receive the grace and love of Jesus Christ.
Seminar in the Making of G12 Jesus-like Disciples
On 14-16 July 2011, the Creation Church Bangkok worship team joined the Seminar to Make G12 Jesus-like Disciples that was organized by the Thailand Evangelism Commission at Bangkok Liberty Church. It was a seminar for Thai Christian leaders by world-class speakers, for example Pastor Bert Pretorius of the 3C Ministry of Pretoria, South Africa; Pastor Richard Witmer, founder and senior pastor Generations Church of Yuma, Arizona, USA; and Bishop Oriel Ballano, senior pastor of Doulos for Christ World Harvest Ministry, pioneer and coordinator for G12 Philippines with 15,000 members. This seminar had various Christian leaders from throughout the country, coming to the seminar to prepare for achieving the 2015 Goal of our bringing a blessing to Thailand.
Aside from learning methods to make G12 Jesus-like disciples, additionally the participants in the seminar were revived and challenged to see life saving value in close relationships, and intimacy with God, believing that when His disciples happily obey and humbly accept the making of their lives, they will steadily mature and produce many good fruits, as blessings for continuing to make disciples of Jesus Christ. 
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Strengthening the Forces of Religious Harmony
I Want to Tell Mother,
I Love you
Water Baptism Ceremony
Feed My Sheep - Happy, Caring, Protective Love
Seminar in the Making of G12 Jesus-like Disciples
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