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Christmas - Season of Blessing
Creation Church Bangkok held an event Christmas Season of Blessing throughout the month of December 2011 to celebrate the Christmas festival and to share blessings, send peace and happiness, happy admiration, leading to the loving grace of Jesus Christ going to many people at the weekly events under various themes, namely:
Sunday 4 December Blessings in the Family: Family Overflowing with Joy
Sunday 11 December Blessings in Health: Arokaya Amen! Good health is an excellent blessing. There were arrangements to check basic health for those who attended the event by a team from Public Health Center 35 Huamak Health Service Office, Bangkok.
Sunday 18 December Blessings in Finances: May you have wealth and happiness, no trouble due to money, enough to eat to use to save to share. Prepare to receive a special talk from Mr. Piboon Thanapura (سԺ ) managing director of Rungruang Development Co. Ltd. .
Sunday 25 December Held a Christmas Party, fancy competition, fun games, and special filling, tasty food in an informal, admiring, joyful atmosphere.
Miraculous Christmas 2011
On 9-11 December 2011, Creation Church Bangkok joined in an event Miraculous Christmas (The Wonders of Christmas) at the yard in front of the Hua Mark Indoor Stadium, the national sports stadium of Thailand, which was arranged by Living Miracle Ministries (LMM), which was supported in arranging the event by the Thailand Evangelism Committee (TEC). At this event, Christian brethren united in worshipping God fully and received words of encouragement and challenge from the Word of God, hearing the truth of hope from Professor Dr. Matthew Kuruvilla, prayers for the sick, and many performances. Also there were activities for teenage boys and girls, which were arranged in the evenings of the 10th and 11th, together with sharing, encouragement, and challenges from Pastor John Paul Sprecher of the Young Lions Arise Mission.
Annual Prayer for the Nation 2011
On Sunday 4 December 2011, Creation Church Bangkok joined the celebration of the Annual Prayer for the Nation 2011, which received good support from Bangkok. The prayer on this occasion joined together in power and in one spirit 10,000 brethren from five basic organizations, namely Church of Christ in Thailand, Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand, Baptists, Catholics and Seven-day Adventists who came together in worship and prayer for blessings upon Thailand, and for the King, especially upon the occasion of His Majestys 84th birthday at grounds of Sanam Luang. One aspect of these fasting prayers for blessings upon Thailand, which count as the first occasion in the history of Thai Christianity to arrange a large prayer celebration at the grounds of Sanam Luang, was a live broadcast on the Internet for those brethren who were unable to travel to join the celebration themselves.
Activities to Honor His Majesty's 84th Birthday
On Saturday, 3 December 2011, Creation Church Bangkok joined in activities to honor His Majesty which were organized by Bangkok, which had followers of five religions, together with government officials from many agencies, military personnel police, and common people joining forces to participate in a march honoring His Majesty, from Democracy Monument to Sanam Luang, and there were activities to honor His Majesty at Sanam Luang with Ms. Sukumol Kunplome Acting Minster of Culture as the leader of the ceremony. There were expressions of offering good wishes, together with singing together praising the king (The royal anthem). Continuing from there, followers of each of the religions marched to the National Museum to perform a ceremony of each religion offering good wishes to the king, and together doing good by donating blood.
Creation Revival Camp 2011 Victorious in Christ in the End Times
The Creation Church for Jesus Christ organization held a Creation Revival Camp 2011 on 22-24 October 2011 at the International Education and Training Center, Maejo University, Chiangmai. This camp was themed Victorious in Christ in the End Times. More than 300 Creation Church brethren from various provinces came together to joyously worship God, listen to excellent teaching, and join together in creative small group activities, competitive games, touring Chiangmai, and special training in the plan With Him We Can. All activities of the camp were most useful and impressive for those who joined the camp this time.
In addition to that, there were also activities for children - Jesus My Superhero. All of the children were built up in faith by the good content and creative fun activities.
News & Events
Christmas - Season of Blessing
Miraculous Christmas 2011
Annual Prayer for the Nation 2011
Activities to Honor His Majesty's 84th Birthday
Creation Revival Camp 2011 Victorious in Christ in the End Times
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