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Christmas Party 2012: Blessings 2 You
On Sunday 23 December 2012, Creation Church Bangkok held a Christmas celebration “Blessings 2 U” with an atmosphere of joy and fun with games, performances, fancy hat contest, and melodious songs, together with hearing a talk about the true meaning of the Christmas holiday. With 100 people celebrating together, everyone was happy as a result of this holiday together.
Praying together for blessing for Thailand
Sunday evening, 2 December 2012, Creation Church Bangkok participated in prayers to bless Thailand, which was organized by the Bless Thailand Prayer Network with lawn music in Lumpini Park. It was an impressive picture with everyone being as one in service together and joining their power together in prayers, relying on God, with pastors, church leaders, missionaries, various Christian organizations and Christian brethren from many churches coming together to participate. Activities on this celebratory occasion included special performances of youth groups from Korea, who joined together with us to worship God, alternating with prayers for blessing for Thailand in various respects, like asking God to bless the king and asking for blessing regarding political governance. We joined together in prayer for political leaders, officials, civil servants of all agencies, and prayed for the military, police, businessmen, youth groups, and prayed for improvement with respect to ethical conduct, and praying for people who work in entertainment circles, in various media, and prayers for the GOD BLESS YOU campaign that working together, Christians will be a blessing for Thailand. Prayed together for Christian youth, who will join together be a volunteer service network passing through the iServe plan in order to unite in power, to be one person in one hundred thousand to lead one million Thai people to know the Lord in 2015.
Ceremony Celebrating the Award of Doctorate from Wycliff University
Dr. Rungson and Pastor Supeeya Sugunta participated in a ceremony celebrating the award of doctorates from Wycliff University & Theological Seminary, USA, in order to congratulate Professor Dr. Somkrit Wongsang (Doctor of Ministry), Professor Dr. Sommai Butrathumwan (Doctor of Ministry) and Elder Dr. Sang Hoon Nam (Doctor of Divinity), on 27 October 2012, at the Church of Christ in Thailand Building, with Dr. Rungson Sugunta being the representative of Wycliff students in offering congratulations to all three individuals who received doctorates on this occasion.
Seminar - "Nurturing Your Inner Life"
On Tuesday 23 October 2012, Creation Church Bangkok participated in a special seminar organized by the Bangkok Church of the Covenant with the theme “Nurturing Your Inner Life” or “Feeding the Soul, Training the Inner Life” with speaker Pastor Benny Ho, who is a famous Bible teacher and is the senior pastor of Faith Community Church in Perth, Australia. He is an advisor for many churches in Asia and Australia. He has a burden for service and expository preaching and giving advice for the purpose of preparing all members to ready themselves to be servants of Christ.
The seminar on this occasion was a great blessing, challenging and encouraging everyone to conduct their lives close to God, to rest in the Spirit and provided disciplined spiritual life training, learning tricks in developing being brimming with power, to have a completely ever new life, taking care to improve inner life characteristics through discipline, paying attention to life throughout the body, mind, and soul, taking care to always preserve correct incentives, and to have clear goals for one’s life work following Jesus Christ.
“The inner life is a matter of dedicating self and the outer life is a matter of service.”
Mother's Day 2012 : Time of "warm love from mother … extended to the youngsters"
Creation Church Bangkok organized a celebration, Mother’s Day 2012 : “warm love from mother … extended to the youngsters” and before this celebration, on Sunday 5 August 2012 there was arranged an activity “D.I.Y for Mom”, to bring the members together and to make cards and mementoes to give to Mothers. There were two principal activity periods, the first activity period honored the grace of mothers with “warm love from mother”, giving honor to and with prayers asking for blessings for Queen Sirikit. Activities such as guessing what was on Mother’s mind and joining in performances of love for Mother were held.
And during the second period, on Saturday 25 August 2012 from 16:00 to 18:30, Creation Church Bangkok, together with the Creation of Thai Life Foundation, arranged an activity, “warm love from mother … extended to the youngsters”, jointly passing along love from mothers to the youngsters at the Baan Nokkamin Foundation, with activities to pass along this warm love, by providing supper, giving consumer goods, and school supplies, together with cash money to support the mission of the Baan Nokkamin Foundation.
Pastor's Day 2012: Joyful people … in the bright green field
Creation Church Bankgok arranged a Pastor’s Day 2012 celebration: joyful people … in the bright green field on Sunday 29 July 2012 for the purpose of all of the members being aware of and seeing the worth in having a close relationship with God the Shepherd, through having activities that brought people together before the day of celebration for the purpose of preparation, of preparing the heart, and preparing the life to celebrate, to be a joyful person … in the bright green fields like this.
Joining power, joining hearts, in prayer and fasting, to depend upon God, on Wednesday 18 and 25 July, joining together as a church, with at least one meal for the purpose of prayer privately searching for God, praying for each other, and again coming together for the purpose of prayer for relationships with the people we love and are anxious about, with a scheduling board concerning the Shepherd and had a corner for members to join and write notes, a corner to share “how God was a Shepherd” and an encouragement corner “Asking for encouragement for the brethren”, with principal activities for each period before the celebration day, as follows: the first week: 15 July, a week of counting blessings closely connected to the God who bestows blessing, for the purpose of learning to have a heart of thankfulness in all events, and to have discipline in spiritual devotions; the second week: 22 July, a week of prayer for the purpose of following up on encouragement in gathering the flock of sheep of God; and the third week: 29 July, a week of fulfillment in love, grace of God “the joyful people … in the bright green field” joining together to search for God with all of their hearts, happily thanking God, and showing love and encouragement for each other. Great fun was had with activities like answering questions from the Bible concerning God the Shepherd. Apart from the brethren receiving these interesting essentials, there was a good opportunity for experiencing righteous unity while doing activities together also. During this celebration, there were many brethren who we love and are anxious about, who joined together in worshiping God.
A Party for friends, a time of "Handing out Likes to give Friends Love"
Sunday evening, on 1 July 2012, at Creation Church Bangkok a party was held for friends, a time of “Handing out Likes to give friends Love”. The atmosphere of this celebration was colored with fun and the warm smiles of all the dear friends who came together to hand out Likes. In the program was a photo competition from friends who came to join the party, who were filled with a tasty special menu that we were able to prepare especially for our friends. Aside from having fun with many activities, we still listened to thoughts and good messages concerning the true friend that everyone must have, that is, the friend that is able to live beside us always, which means Jesus Himself, and an extremely good thing to hear, that is, we can all have a new friends, who will open their hearts to allow Jesus to enter in and be a true friend in their lives also.
Third Anniversary Celebration for Creation Church Bangkok: CCB 3inOne, the beginnings
Creation Church Bangkok celebrated its third anniversary with the event “CCB 3inOne, the beginnings” on Sunday 27 May 2012, at the church. During this event, everyone came together to celebrate 3inOne, one most special day that brought together three good beginnings: the first being a remembrance of the origins of the first Christian church and the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost Day; the next, a remembrance of the establishment of Creation Church Bangkok on 3 May 2009, a three year period during which we have seen much of God’s grace bestowed upon this church; and finally, a day for personal new beginnings of each person who determines to have a new beginning in developing various aspects of their own lives, maturing in the abundance of Jesus Christ.
The atmosphere of the event was celebratory and respectfully recalled memories of Pentecost Day, of the beginnings of the first church, while taking care to welcome all and to greet them informally in a warm family atmosphere, to have fun relationship building game activities, with everyone in involved in special performances, and by viewing videos and pictures of the various activities of Creation Church Bangkok. Apart from doing activities organized within our church, we serve together with the brethren of the body of God in many varied activities. Creation Church Bangkok has fundamental values, namely “Heed the Word, Follow Christ, Buildup the Body of God, With a Goal of Excellent Service,” and ultimately by sharing the Word. Thank God for the opportunity to have new friends open their hearts to receive Jesus Christ during this event and thank God that many brethren came back again to praise God, unify in righteousness together, leading to intense rapturous joy.
We believe God sent the beginners and He will send the finishers. Only asking that we all put our strength together, putting our hearts together as one in leading a life following the Great Commission, believing firmly in the signs, studying to preserve lives according to God’s plan, and humbly relying on the power of the Holy Spirit. With the all goodness that we have to begin working to achieve success according to God’s will.
4th Creation Revival Camp: Evangelize Effectively
The Creation Church for Jesus Christ organization held the 4th Creation Revival Camp “Fun and Evangelization: Evangelize Effectively” between 5 and 7 May 2012 at the Church of Christ Foundation Training Center, Amphur Pranburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province to build up faith, love among members, and fun and evangelization of the Gospel.
And there was training in the “proclamation of Christ” by the fundamental truths (or laws) by Pastor Suwit Rong Kittikhoon, Secretary-general of the Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ and all of the campers received practical training also.
Aside from filling with teaching about fun and evangelization, the campers also had fun receiving building up of their lives from all sides through many more good activities, such as being happy for our 20 new brethren who received baptism, extremely enjoyable beach game activities, groups of similar people activities, and a Walk Rally. Additionally at this camp also we celebrated the third anniversary of Creation Church for Jesus Christ. The atmosphere was full of glad admiration with the fancy competition theme “family creation, and catching fish” and there were many performances from each church, ultimately showing love from the children.
When we are of one heart in evangelizing and in making disciples, then we will surely see a doubling of the community of God in Thailand up to one million people by 2015. See you again in the 5th Creation Revival Camp in 2013.

Easter Celebration 2012 “Really Died, Really Resurrected, Really Victorious”
Creation Church Bangkok held an Easter Celebration 2012 on Sunday 8 April 2012 to join together to celebrate the Resurrection in an event beginning at 06:30 with watching a film about what happened after the Resurrection of Jesus, and a talk about what happened from the Bible by Dr Rungson Sugunta in order to challenge to respond to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by going out and proclaiming and letting everyone know about it. After that, there were fun activities hunting eggs which were colored for the Easter Festival, continuing with eating breakfast together and decorating Easter eggs.
In the regular worship service, there was sharing of experiences that had value and were very encouraging by Mr. Puripat Puriwarangkoon (electrical engineer) and Acharn Pongsak Chaichana (civil engineer) who told about the truth of Jesus Christ as one sent from God, sent with almighty power and performing miracles in the lives of both of them and in leading their lives to victory. Thank God for their words that helped to give new understanding and to build faith following the name of the event “Really Died, Really Resurrected, Really Victorious”

Good Friday 2012
Creation Church Bangkok held a Good Friday 2012 celebration on the night of Friday 6 April 2012, to come together to remember the death of Jesus Christ. During this event, the place was decorated with the atmosphere modeling the tomb of Jesus Christ and there was a video to educate about the suffering of Jesus Christ until He died on the cross, in order to make it possible for people joining the event to appreciate the grace and love of Jesus who submitted to shouldering the sins for all of us. Continuing after that, there was communion and listening to a talk from Mark chapters 14-15 by Dr. Rungson Sugunta which helped to give understanding concerning how the death of Jesus Christ has benefit in the lives of those who believe.

Teaching the Word of God at World Vision Foundation
On Monday 26 March 2012, Dr. Rungson and Pastor Supariya Sugunta received an invitation to go and teach the Word of God at the World Vision Foundation main offices Ekkamai by Ms. Chitra Thumborisuth Thailand National Director, who welcomed Dr. Rungson and Pastor Supariya Sugunta in worshiping God on this occasion with the officials and executives of the World Vision Foundation and afterwards to teach the Word of God on the topic “Preparing to Serve Jesus Style”.

Spreading Love

During this Valentine’s Day festival, Creation Church Bangkok held an event “Spreading Love” on Sunday 12 February 2012 in order to spread the love of Jesus Christ to families, friends, and neighbors. Begun in the morning by arranging activities at Creation Church with people coming together to share love with each other through love songs, life experiences, and good thoughts about the topic of love.
In the afternoon, the Creation Church brethren and friends travelled to organize an activity for the public benefit by spreading the love of Jesus Christ to elderly people at the Bang Khen Home for the Aged (The Yong Kang Foundation) which consisted of recreational activities aside from these giving a lot of fun, they were beneficial to the health of the elderly, together with donating things, and providing a dinner for the elderly. Love spreading activities all Valentine’s Day with blissful hearts, also the enjoyment of friends who came together to celebrate, and including those who donated gifts for all of the elderly people.
Festival of Life 2012 With Joyce Meyer
On Sunday 22 January 2012, the worship team and members of Creation Church Bangkok came together for “Festival of a Life Overflowing with Joy” 2012 with Joyce Meyer at the Impact Arena Muang Thong Thani. The activities at this event included worshipping God and studying the Word of God, which leads to lives overflowing with joy, with the worship conducted by the Healing Place Band and the sharing of the Word of God by Professor Rick Bezet, Professor Dino Rizzo and Teacher Joyce Meyer, and those who attended the meeting were united in prayer for Thailand. Coming together united in offerings for a plan to rehabilitate people who experienced flooding also.
During this event, aside from Christian brethren receiving a filling up of true joy from God, praising and worshipping God together, many honored guests who joined this event, prayed for open hearts to receive love and peace and happiness from Jesus Christ also.
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Christmas Party 2012:
Blessings 2 You
Praying together for blessing for Thailand
Ceremony Celebrating the Award of Doctorate from Wycliff University
Seminar - "Nurturing Your Inner Life"
Mother's Day 2012 : Time of "warm love from mother … extended to the youngsters"
Pastor's Day 2012: Joyful people … in the bright green field
A Party for friends, a time of "Handing out Likes to give Friends Love"
CCB 3inOne
4th Creation Revival Camp: Evangelize Effectively
Easter Celebration 2012
"Really Died, Really Resurrected,
Really Victorious"
Good Friday 2012
Teaching the Word of God at World Vision Foundation
Spreading Love
Festival of Life 2012 With Joyce Meyer
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